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Photo By Greg Finck

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storyteller, curator & dreamer

I am a Cambodian born in Thailand, raised in Washington, DC and educated in California. I spent 6 years in Brussels, Belgium with my husband and we now call our home Antwerp. My international and unique upbringing has taught me about new cultures and traditions.

I have shot in all sorts of churches, venues, weather and lighting conditions. I don't always have magical lighting. Shooting film in difficult situations can sometimes be tricky. My approach is to adapt and focus on getting a clean shot. That's why I'm a hybrid shooter. My goal is to get my clients the best of both worlds through romantic and editorial story telling.

Living in a country where the wedding industry is about 10 years behind, I quickly realized that I could stand apart from the crowd by breaking tradition. The same goes with what I've learned in school, workshops and through my peers. The standard doesn't always work for everyone. I continue to apply this theory to my photography and business. Always looking for opportunities to distinguish myself from the crowd.

Preserving your memories.

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